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Strategy & Compliance for Investment Firms

Compliance Awareness & Understanding

When running an authorised business, or even when operating within exemptions to authorisation, it is vital to have an understanding of the compliance environment.  How else can you effectively plan the strategy of the firm? 

It is necessary for the management of firms to have a working knowledge of compliance without being paralysed by the details.  We base our awareness advice on three levels of knowledge:

  • What you need to know (day-to-day)
  • What you need to look out for (exceptional situations)
  • Who to turn to for more detailed advice

Some staff can receive formal compliance training as a group.  This may create high awareness but relatively low understanding.  Board members, and anyone else involved in the strategic development of the firm, will need to have a more thorough understanding, but only of those areas of regulation which directly affect their firm.  We deliver awareness advice to Directors on a one-to-one basis giving ample opportunity for the free discussion of issues which may affect the firm.  We then remain available to Board members and divisonal heads to give ad hoc advice as it’s required.

If you would like to discuss any aspects of strategic compliance advice, please do call or e-mail Simon Webber, our Managing Director.

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