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Types of Investor under FSA rules

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The Financial Services Authority (FSA) categorises individual investors in a number of ways and allows certain firms to promote their services, products, investment schemes and funds to different groups.  These categories include:

An investor may fall into any or all of these categories and may, at the same time, be either a “retail” or “elective professional” client.  An  investor may also fall into one category for a certain instrument (eg shares in unlisted companies) but not for others (eg derivatives).  Also, depending on the structure of the investment (eg an EIS or a Collective Investment Scheme) certain categories may or may not be used.

It’s a complicated overlap of different restrictions, trying to acheive different objectives – if you’re promoting an investment or a regulated service and you need to understand it, please do call or e-mail Simon Webber to talk it through. 

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