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Planning a Fund

At an early stage of planning a fund (especially if it’s going to end up as an unregulated collective investment scheme) it is vital to balance the regulatory, legal, commercial and marketing aspects of what you want to acheive.  Often initial discussions are with solicitors or with the FSA directly and, unfortunately, they often don’t provide the kind of strategic overview that is needed.

As we hope you have seen from this site, StypersonPOPE isn’t in the business of making things seem unnecessarily complicated (for instance, you may find it helpful to read our articles on Fund Structures and Routes to Promoting a Fund). 

To simplify things further, we now suggest an agenda for a ‘Fund Planning’ meeting.

  • We need to understand your plans;
  • we need to understand the fund’s stage of development;
  • we need to understand the advice you’ve received already;
  • we will give a full picture of the compliance landscape;
  • we will discuss the most appropiate reguatory option for you;
  • we will discuss the routes to market available to the fund;
  • we will advise on the next steps; and
  • we will make introductions to suitable contacts.

We won’t be watching the clock but, from experience, we expect the meeting to take around an hour and a half.  We will follow the meeting with a written note of what we have discussed and further clarification of anything which remains unclear.

If you’d like to get together for a discussion, please  contact StypersonPOPE‘s Managing Director,  Simon Webber, on or +44 (0) 7710 260 717.

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