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Forever Manchester and The Infinity Fund

I can’t tell you what it is about Manchester which captures the soul; it could be the city’s history of patrons (Hallé, Whitworth, Rylands, Chetham), it could be its more recent contribution to creative culture (from Morrisey to Mr Scruff), it could be the grandeur of its 19th century architecture, the modesty of its residents, it could be the heights of its aspirations, or its central ethic that values skill and effort over the lazy Pop Idol celebrity which now masquerades as success.  It could be that in business, in communities, in pubs and clubs, people talk to each other, they help each other out, people do what they say they will, they get on with making change without making fuss, they build on each other’s successes, and sometimes (just sometimes) they show the love.

Simon Webber, StypersonPOPE‘s MD, is honoured to be a Board member of The Community Foundation for Greater Manchester.  CFGM gives over £5m a year to strengthen communities and improve lives around the city but its reach is much more important than its size.  It supports projects which no one else would ever even hear about, it takes risks from which others funders would shy away, it backs groups and individuals who are prepared to stand up and be counted for the sake of their communities, and it makes our little corner of the world a little better every day.

Now CFGM has launched the Infinity Fund and its Forever Manchester campaign to create a permanent endowment to the benefit of the city.  Government support (the right kind of government support) doubles every penny the fund receives and the addition of giftaid means that when you or I give £100, the fund receives £256.

StypersonPOPE will invest 10% of all the income we receive from clients in Greater Manchester, in the fund which will be investing in Manchester forever.  Care to join us?

“Manchester, as Mancs love to tell you, has been ahead of the game. Perhaps it’ll be the first place to show us whether our new cities work.”
Jim McClellan // Esquire Magazine

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