Styperson POPE

Strategy & Compliance for Investment Firms

Authorised Firms

Our clients tend, by their innovative nature, to need compliance advice to be strategic and constructive; it needs to offer forward-thinking solutions, not regulatory roadblocks.    

Whether you need a quick answer to a quick question or to turnaround your compliance function, the solution is a commercially-minded specialist who can act as an interim or part-time Compliance Officer (or just give occasional advice as you need it). 

Most of the areas where StypersonPOPE‘s can help apply to all FSA-authorised investment firms but the last few below are specific to Operators of  Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes:

For Operators of Unregulated Colllective Investment Schemes:

If you would like to discuss how we may be able to help your business, so please do contact Simon Webber, our Managing Director, on 07710 260 717 or